Camrd is a robust outdoor camera which is configurable via the Camrd control panel to process object recognition and if required API this live feed into your web application. The Camrd is flexible to install flush on most surfaces and together with its slim design enables it to match most ergonomics perfectly.

The Camrd is developed to take a whack from branches, withstand torrential rain, dust storms, formidable heat waves and still transmit data as per your requirements. The glass dome is water resistant meaning raindrops run off the dome straight away so as not to impede on the footage. Video quality can be full HD but its up to you as to what is required for your business e.g. you might require the camera to tell you the objects it sees every hour or to alert you with 5 min video before and after a hard braking incident or to count the number of vehicles (and their registration numbers) that come into your parking lot each day.

The user cases for the Camrd project are endless but here are some of the areas we will be working with in 2020 :

  • Number Plate Recognition (APNR)
  • 360 degree Vehicle Camera System
  • API Image Recognition Server
  • Location monitoring with recordable alerts
  • Refuse Vehicle Contamination Detection
  • Refuse Vehicle Missed Bin Detection